This is what you should consider before travelling with your dog

Travelling for long road trips and holidays can be exciting or draining depending on how well you prepare for them. If you’re planning to bring your dog on the road with you it’s important to have everything you need with you. While it can be scary to think of the worst case scenario – if … Continued

Saudi women driving ban lifted… here’s what you need to know

Saudi Arabia recently lifted their ban of women driving – which is a big step forward in their modernisation. The Gulf nation was the last country in the world to legalise women’s rights to drive. Giving women the opportunity to drive increases their employability and gives them a new sense of independence. Now that the … Continued

3 uses of your car air conditioning system and how it works

  Your car air conditioning system works by producing cold and dry air within your vehicle. It is made up of a number of different components such as a coolant, evaporator, refrigerant gas and compressor that helps turn the air from outside into cool, refreshing air on the inside. Your car air con system is … Continued

Is it possible to prevent MOT test failure?

Did you know that around four out of every ten cars fail their annual MOT test? In many cases, it could be easily prevented by running regular checks on your vehicle. We’re looking at some of the ways you can save time, hassle and money by performing small repairs and checks to your vehicle. Lights … Continued

Do you remember these iconic vehicles from films and TV shows?

Films and television shows are some of the most popular entertainment in today’s society. Whether it’s going to the cinema with friends or sitting in bed watching Netflix, we all participate in some way. One of our favourite things about films and TV shows is that we can all pick things that are tailored to … Continued

Is your car winter ready?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year they say, it’s a holly jolly Christmas time but is your car saying the same thing? Winter is one of the hardest times of the year for our vehicles as we rely on them more and they require more upkeep. It’s important to prepare your car for … Continued

5 reasons why we need to discuss premium fuel

What is premium fuel? Premium fuel is a relatively new concept within the motor industry and we’ve noticed that not many people have discussed what it is. Premium fuel vs standard fuel could be seen as designer vs high street because it’s more expensive to buy and is supposedly ‘nicer quality’. You can purchase it … Continued

A guide to MOT testing in Havant

  Booking your MOT early Waiting until the last minute for MOT testing isn’t efficient.  Since you can take the MOT test anytime within a month, minus a day, before your renewal date, why not schedule your test early and leave plenty of time for repairs?  If you’ve maintained your car in good working order, … Continued

How to choose the best car tyres

A guide to purchasing quality car tyres on a budget Vehicle safety is something that you’d assume is all about always wearing your seatbelt and making sure you airbags are working. However, tyres are also an important contributing factor to your road safety. Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that touches the ground and … Continued