How to keep the value of your vehicle

Car value and price depreciation: What is it and will it affect me? Purchasing a new car can be exciting and rewarding as you start driving your shiny new motor. But the price of your car will decrease from the second you drive it away from a showroom. This is called price depreciation. It’s a … Continued

How to get your car’s service history

Triangle Cars – A guide to getting your car’s service history together How to locate your car’s service history for better car maintenance Every car has a history, and that history is a vital part of the general upkeep of your car. It is called a service history and it can be monitored through a … Continued

How to check your car tyres correctly

Triangle Cars guide to keep your tyres in good tread There are a number of things we have to do to keep our cars running like clockwork, from filling it up with petrol to getting its annual MOT done, it’s all part of a process. But one thing that is often overlooked is checking that … Continued

Should new cars be given a four-year MOT exemption?

Triangle Cars debate the possibility of a 4-year MOT We live in a time where technology is developing faster than ever, especially in the motoring industry. With vehicles being built to last, with advanced technology and durability being at the centre of vehicle development – can we afford to make MOTs a once every four-year … Continued